Embassy of Ukraine in Malaysia

, Kyiv 12:11

Ukraine-Malaysia Business Forum in Kuala Lumpur, 25 January 2018

25 December 2017, 12:30

25th of January 2018 at MATRADE (Perdana Hall, Level 6, West Wing) Ukraine will present it investment and trade potential to Malaysia and ASEAN region. Beginning at 9.30. Guests of honour – CEO MATRADE Dr. Mohd Shahreen Zainooreen Madros and H.E. Ambassador of Ukraine in Malaysia Mr. Olexander Nechytaylo.


General facts about Ukraine

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe by territory. Most of its land, 42.7 thousand hectares precisely, is used for agriculture. Agricultural land area of Ukraine equals to that of Germany and France together and Ukraine is increasing food and agricultural products exports most rapidly. Around one third of the best soils in the world are located on the territory of Ukraine.

Ukraine is already:

  • #1 global exporter of sunflower oil;
  • #1 European exporter of walnuts;
  • #1 European producer and exporter of soybeans and rapeseeds;
  • #3 global exporter of honey;
  • #3 global exporter of grains and cereals;
  • #3 global exporter of beetroot sugar;
  • #4 global exporter of raspberries;
  • One of the leading suppliers of organic products to the EU

Ukraine is also rapidly increasing exports of poultry meat, dairy products, sugar, fresh fruits and vegetables.

EU, with its very high quality and safety requirements, is the major importer of Ukrainian food and agriculture products. Middle East is the second largest market for Ukrainian produce. Therefore, many suppliers are Halal-certified, besides having GlobalGAP, ISO, HACCP and other quality and safety assurance certifications.