Embassy of Ukraine in Malaysia

, Kyiv 00:11

Scientific and tеchnical cooperation

In the field of scientific and technical cooperation Malaysia has an interest in development of cooperation with Ukraine in the aerospace technology, medicine, biotechnology and nuclear technology as well as agricultural sciences.

In this context the most noticeable progress has been achieved in the aerospace sphere. Thus, in September, 2000 the first Malaysian satellite "Tiunhsat - 1" was successfully launched into the orbit by the Ukrainian rocket "Dnepr-1" (for Malaysian classification - Dnepr-LV). This event has become, in fact, the basis for further expansion of cooperation in the aerospace industry.

At this time, the orbiting of the second Malaysian satellite "Measat-1p" by the Ukrainian "Zenit-3slB" rocket in 2009 can be considered as one of the largest projects of cooperation between the two countries in the field of high technology.

During the begining of 2014 the contacts between the National Space Agency of Malaysia (ANGKASA) and the “Yuzhnoye SDO” and the State Space Agency of Ukraine have been further actively developing. The issue about the visit of Malaysian specialists to “Yuzhnoye SDO”, specifically from “MEASAT Satellite Systems”, is under elaboration. In this connection the possibility of establishing direct contacts with the management of the company «MEASAT Satellite Systems» is under elaboration. 

Another important area of the scientific and technical cooperation is the field of aircraft building. In order to promote the cooperation in this area, in particular, regarding the production of composite materials and components made of them, the process of establishing contacts between the SE "Antonov" and the Malaysian Institute of technology of composite materials (CTRM) and the “AIROD” company is undergoing. The program of cooperation between JSC “Motor Sich” and “AIROD” company is also being continued.

The contacts with the interested companies and agencies of Malaysia on the usage of transport capabilities of the SE "Antonov" are also being established.